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Akaba Ritsu
My name is Akaba Ritsu. This is not my real name but I use this for cosplay purposes. You can call me Ritsu / Chiyo.
I have been cosplaying for more than 7 years.
I love cosplay because I love watching anime and reading manga. I also enjoy sewing my own costumes and making the accessories for my characters.

I've only recently been told about DeviantArt by my boyfriend who is also my photographer.

My facebook (more frequently updated):
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[Love Live! Cosplay Rom+ Photobook]

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I have been working on our cosplay competition this month.
We chose to use Final Fantasy XIII-2 for the competition.

Hope that I can have time to take photos of this cosplay after the competiton.

I have been working on Serah's weapons these days.
Serah's weapon is really nice and there are really a lot of details in it.

Materials used :
EVA Plastic 30mm
EVA Plastic 8mm
EVA Plastic 5mm
PVC Plastic Tube
Silver PU Cloth
Black PU Cloth
Multipurpose adhesive Rubstik
Purple Spray
Pink Spray
Silver Spray
Black Spray
Paper Scissors
Hot Bond
Screw Head
Silver Strings

30mm EVA Plastic has been used for the body of the bow.
The EVA Plastic is not really hard so you can cut it with a cutter.
Then Spray it silver with pink. Use a newspaper to cover the place that you don't need to spray.
Attach the PVC Plastic Tube in between the two sprayed EVA Plastic.

Cut the shapes of the parts with 8mm EVA Plastic and spray it. I used Silver PU Cloth to make the sharp place of the bow.

I used 3mm EVA Plastic to make the top of the bow and covered it with Silver PU Cloth and Black PU Cloth. It looks great with PU Cloth.
I used silver strings for the bow but I still haven't put it onto the bow because I need to take it all the way to the competition >0<.

It is not hard to make Serah's weapon if you spend time on it! It only got a lot of details on it.
I am looking forward for the photo shoot of serah and noel at the end of this month.

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chihirophotograper Feb 12, 2014  Professional Photographer
I love your cosplay photography <3 please follow and surport my photography…
kuroSPITE Sep 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
wahhhh your cosplays are so good ~~~keep doing what you do :iconbummy1: :iconbummy2: 
and a late but happy birthday from a new watcher :icondeanspazplz:

(you deserve more attention on DA O: ) 

NekoLolipop Sep 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Happy birthday !
I like the saber that you cos
from your facebook
I think you are from japan, right?
I'm from Taiwan
Nice to meet you ^_^
Hi.Nice to meet you.
Sorry for the late reply. 0////0
I am from Macao but I can speak english, chinese and Japanese.
Happy birthday!
Thank you! Sorry for the late reply!
Thank You! And Nice to meet you~
please help me to win this it means a lot to me! :3 you just have to like my photo
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